Having employed a wide variety of kiln-formed glass techniques for over twenty years, currently, Gayle Matthias is the Programme Leader of the 3D Design Crafts programme at Plymouth College of Art.  Gayle was formerly a member of Autonomatic research group at Falmouth University, engaged in collaborative research with Tavs Jorgensen.  Having established a new method for creating glass moulds directly from 3D CAD files without requiring a physical pattern, a process known as Rapid Tooling. They worked with the Royal Free Hospital to develop moulds to grow human cells for replacement body parts. Gayle has been exploring artistic interpretations of the moulding process alongside 3D scanning in the pursuit of mixed media sculptures.


Conference Papers

Jan 2019          S-O-T Body Repairs: Narrative Pursuits, [Arts] Manuscript ID: arts-414897;

                       doi: 10.3390/arts8010016

March 2015      Material Matters mini conference, skype presentation.  Emily Carr

                       University, Vancouver, Canada


Sept 2014        Glass in Science and Conservation (Glassac 14) International Conference in

                       Durham, ‘Research into 3D Printed Glass Investment Casting Moulds’


July 2014          Making Futures Volume III, Interfaces Between Craft Knowledge and Design:                          New Opportunities for Social Innovation & Sustainability,  ISSN 2042-1664

                       Available at :


July 2014          Design Journal vol 17, issue 3 PP455-472, Bloomsbury Publishing Plc, 2014,                              New Approaches in Glass Investment Casting - Creative Practitioners                                      Researching and Innovating in the Field of Digital Fabrication’, Matthias GE                            and Jorgensen T


March 2014      Glass Mould Innovation Through Collaborative Research, Glass Art Society                              Conference, Chicago, Matthias GE and Jorgensen T.  Available in glass Art

                       Society Journal 2015


Sept 2013        ‘Making Futures’ conference at Plymouth College of Art and Design

                       ‘Reflections on a collaborative research project in digital moulding for glass

                       casting and artistic interpretations’ Matthias GE and Jorgensen T


April 2013        'Crafting the Future’, the 10th European Academy of Design (EAD), Gothenburg.                        ‘New Approaches in Glass Investment Casting - Creative Practitioners

                        Researching and Innovating in the Field of Digital Fabrication’, Matthias GE

                        and Jorgensen T


Jan 2012          ‘Towards a New Ceramic Future’, research presentation, ‘Combining                                        Ready-mades with Digital Printing’, V & A, Matthias GE and Jorgensen T